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Our winery has been vinifying the grapes of its vineyards for five generations. In the mid-1800s my great-grandfather Cipriano started our history, which was always family-run. The first vinification began in 1870!

Since 1994 the company has made a market choice: "aim for quality!" Hence the decision to reduce yields per hectare, to apply new agronomic practices, to introduce new winemaking techniques and other measures to maintain and make the product healthy and better.

The choice to produce only two native varieties is due to the fact that Teroldego finds its ideal habitat in the Rotaliana Plain. Even the Lagrein grape variety, considered even "the not always minor brother" of Teroldego, finds in the soils in the Campo Rotaliano the optimal conditions to produce a wine rich in personality.

The current area, cultivated with vineyards, is 6.5 ha. The main form of farming of our company is still the double pergola, where the vineyards have an average age of 40-45 years


Wines produced:

Lagrein Trentino Doc
Teroldego Rosato
Teroldego Rotaliano Doc
Due Vigneti Teroldego Rotaliano Doc
Teroldigo Teroldego Rotaliano Doc

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