The Endrizzi winery has been nurturing and developing the art of wine-growing in Trentino since 1885: a visit to the winery is to take a journey through the history and culture of grape growing and wine production. Hospitality is second nature to Endrizzi, and the attention given in this direction has over the years materialised in the delightful 'Vinoteca' run by Ahmed Khalil, Sara Leveghi, and Andrea Pedrolli,, which today attracts visitors and wine enthusiasts from all round the world.

The "Garden of Aromas" is an unforgettable experience: a vineyard with 22 rows of vines representing all the grape varieties found in Trentino, giving visitors to the 'Masetto' the chance to become familiar with them all. At one end of each row are plants, herbs and flowers characterising the primary aromas of each grape variety, which are then reprised in the wine. A visit to the Endrizzi vineyards and winery is also a way of bringing together environmental awareness, the wine-making culture and personal pleasure.

The “historic” labels are particularly popular: Masetto Nero, Masetto Bianco and Masetto Dulcis. Endrizzi Pian Castello Brut Riserva is now considered one of the finest TrentoDOC classical method sparkling wines. Endrizzi's passion for the Teroldego Rotaliano grape variety is reflected in the four versions they produce of this extraordinary autochthonous grape: fresh Teroldego, the noble Teroldego Riserva, the multiple award-winning Teroldego Gran Masetto and the rare Teroldego Gran Masetto Dolce.



Dalis Bianco
Pinot Grigio Trentino Doc
Chardonnay Trentino Doc
Gewürztraminer Trentino Doc
Riesling Trentino Doc
Müller Thurgau Trentino Doc
Masetto Bianco
Masetto Dorè
Masetto Dulcis

Dalis Rosso
Teroldego Rotaliano 
Leocorno Teroldego Rotaliano Superiore Riserva
Cabernet Sauvignon Trentino Doc
GolaLupo Pinot Nero Riserva Trentino Doc
Lagrein Trentino Doc
Masetto Nero
Masetto Due
Gran Masetto

Dalis Rosè
Teroldego Rosato

Trento Doc Endrizzi Brut
Trento Doc Piancastello Riserva
Trento Doc Piancastello Rosè
Trento Doc Piancastello Zero
Trento Doc Masetto Privè

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