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Villa de Varda is born in Trentino, in the heart of the Piana Rotaliana, where the vineyards at the foot of the Dolomites are kissed by the sun and refreshed by the air from Lake Garda. All our grappas have an unmistakable taste: that of the territory they come from and that of tradition.

Cav. Luigi Dolzan, a passionate heir to the traditions and teachings of his father Giovanni, together with his sons Michele and Mauro (the sixth generation), continues the activity with rooted ideals, attentive to changes, but according to family teachings, which since the early 19th century have been distilling and producing in Mezzolombardo.

Villa de Varda is therefore a historic company and above all, a unique production method that, like a good distillate, improves over time. Choice of raw material, distillation, rest, aging: there are different moments when a distillate takes shape and becomes a true Trentino grappa. We take care of them one by one with special attention, guided by the method transmitted by our ancestors and improved day by day.

Visiting our distillery is an opportunity to get to know up close the unique production method of Villa de Varda grappa, to taste the grappas and to discover the grappa museum "Cose di Casa", which documents six generations of history of our family and distillation in Trentino. Guests will find on display more than 1600 ancient objects, agricultural tools and utensils, cellar and distillery equipment, as well as 280 historical documents that testify to centuries of ethnographic life and oenology of the Dolzan family.



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