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Cooking is an art, goes an old popular saying, thus underlining that touch of genius and intuition which marks artistic talent, which defies rational explanation, guards its secrecy and wraps itself in mystery, and is inherent in those cooks for whom  their profession is a vocation. The Manna family is a Dynasty that has taken on board this law of nature and turned an entire generation into artists: Piergiorgio, Franco, Marcello and Nicola.
We source the ingredients for our local dishes and for our often sophisticated recipes in the surrounding farmlands, that mosaic of predominantly green hues that constitutes the Rotaliana. The strict controls our suppliers are subject to guarantee that the foods preserve their intense, natural aromas and authentic flavours. The dishes come fresh from the kitchen as so many unique yet typical pieces, which relinquish nothing of their authenticity. The Manna family work “at home”, as people did in times gone by, making all types of pasta, grissini and hors d'oeuvres.
When the Da Silvio restaurant opened in1972, the great challenge was to create an artistic aesthetic - a crazy idea because it entrusted the future of a large family to the expression of a pure art form. The project was the inspiration of artist Riccardo Schweizer who gave it content and designed the restaurant and the furnishings. Schweizer's work for Da Silvio is a series of coveted, unique pieces of great artistic value, which continue to receive accolades many years later.

Altamira, where simplicity is elegance
Schweizer designed this unique kitchen accessory specially for the restaurant and for the Manna brothers, who had been serving meat on a hot stone for quite a while.
It overcame in one inspired stroke the limitations of stone, which does not keep its heat. The Mezzano artist's idea was that a stone heated to 300 degrees could be brought to the table if encased in wood and steel. He therefore created a unique tool which revolutionised traditional cooking methods. The Altamira opened up the possibility for everyone to experience a way of «eating differently» and, above all, authentically. Anything can be cooked on Altamira, from meat to cheese, from eggs to vegetables, without the need for any seasonings other than a pinch of salt.

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