Maso Poli


Maso Poli, owned by the Togn family, is an old 18th century "maso" that has been recently renovated in full respect of local landscape but with a new architectural interpretation of its structure. It is surrounded by fifteen hectares of land, ten of which are planted with vineyards, ideally positioned for altitude, soils, exposure to the sun and protection against cold winds.

"Give soul to wine, make it unique, unrepeatable, intimately tied to its soil": these are the motivations and philosophy behind Maso Poli. All farming activities are dedicated to growing grapes, focused exclusively on a few typical and native vine varieties, performed according to strict parameters that require constant research and selection so as to achieve the best possible quality. In the Maso Poli cellars, all phases of winemaking express a happy marriage between traditional techniques and modern methods.

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