The Rechof winery was established in 2021 from the desire of the Recchia family to turn their passion for vine cultivation and sparkling wine production into a business reality.

The soul of the winery originates and grows alongside the family farm, purchased by Giorgio and Lorena Recchia in Grumo in 1978, in the municipality of San Michele all’Adige. In this rural context of valorization and attention to the territory, their children Andrea and Veronica grew up. Over the years, Andrea founded his own Agricultural Company, which diversified into an organic center in Val di Non and a traditional winemaking vineyard in San Michele.

Meanwhile, Giorgio discovered and deepened an innate passion for the world of sparkling wine production, gradually involving the entire family.

From this shared passion and the family's dedication to vineyard work, the Recchia family decided in 2021 to found the Rechof winery: an example of a family tradition in an innovative territory, a company reflecting the strength and tenacity of Trentino agriculture that aims to promote its products, quality family sparkling wines made from selected local grapes.

The vineyards are located on three plots in two different but equally prestigious viticultural areas: the first two are in Piana Rotaliana, while the third is in Val di Non.



Rechof Brut Metodo Classico
Rechof Brut Rosè Metodo Classico

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