Cantina di La Vis e Valle di Cembra: land & wine, a way of life
Founded in 1948, the Cantina La Vis is in the town of Lavis in the heart of the Avisian Hills. The winery has a cooperative structure with 800 members cultivating more than 800 hectares and producing prestigious wines.  
Its origins go back to 1850 when the Cembran family constructed their first building, which is now the nucleus of the present-day winery. Its official founding came after WW2 through the efforts of 14 wine-growing entrepreneurs, and has grown and gained in strength, year on year, including through the acquisition of other wineries, such as the merger in 1969 with the South Tyrolean cooperative of Salorno, still in evidence with the Dürer-Weg label, and the merger in 2003 with the Valle diCembra Cantina di Montagna in the Cembra Valley.

The Zoning Plan (1980), summed up by the slogan “the right variety in the right place”, underpins the quality of the La Vis wines. Out of the dedicated efforts of its highly motivated members over the years in an arduous and difficult terrain, 70% of which is mountainous, have come notable, generous wines.
La Vis is also synonymous with hospitality: we offer daily winery and vineyard tours, and you can come along at any time for a wine tasting accompanied by some of the finest Trentino specialities. If you are interested in following La Vis more closely, we have a unique programme packed with events and themed evenings taking place throughout the year.

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