Marzemino Trentino DOC

Marzemino is a red wine and undoubtedly one of the most interesting grape varieties grown in Trentino. Traces of its distant Asian origins can be found in ancient commercial registers discovered in Cyprus. It arrived in Trentino from the Dalmatian coast or - it is thought - via the Venetian Republic when it dominated trade all over the Adriatic.

Even Mozart attested to its fame, when as a guest of the Lodron family for one of his first concerts in Italy, he honoured the Trentino wine with a mention in Don Giovanni: “... pour the wine, the excellent Marzemino!”.

Adopted as a native Trentino variety, its qualities, its history and its appeal have made Marzemino one of the region’s most important wines: each year about 4 million kilos of high quality grapes are harvested by about forty wineries that have the skills needed to develop and safeguard the region’s enduring wine traditions.

Marzemino Trentino Superiore DOC meets standards of quality that are even higher than those of Trentino DOC.

  • Colour: One of its persisting characteristics is its dark, ruby red colour with varied reflections in tones ranging to garnet in the more mature wines.
  • Aroma: It has immediate fragrances of wild berries and floral tones, sometimes of sweet violet, mixed with slightly spicy notes. Captivating in its simplicity, its attraction lies in its pleasant hints of redcurrant and marasca cherry.
  • Taste: Dry, quite smooth, reminiscent of the fragrances perceived on the nose. Forthright, clean vigour but not without sophistication; inviting, easy, harmonious in every way and for all the senses.
  • Food matches: In Trentino gastronomy circles, Marzemino accompanies plain dishes that are not too spicy. The ideal combination is with polenta and mushrooms, but it also goes with roast pork, cooked sausages, vegetables, braised beef or veal, and spit-roasted poultry such as duck, goose and pheasant. Excellent with fish, salt cod, or trout cooked with a thick vegetable sauce. Try it with local - preferably mature - cheeses.
  • Serving temperature: 16 - 18 °C, best served in glasses that are not too large.


Credits: Palazzo Roccabruna - Provincial Wine Bar

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