Lagrein Trentino DOC

This is a wine brimming with personality. It is made from Lagrein grapes, which are widely cultivated in the Campo Rotaliano. The grapes can be used to make two very different wines: rosé (kretzer) and red (dunkel), the former fresher and more immediate, the latter decidedly bolder and more structured.

  • Colour: The kretzer is a light cherry red; the dunkel ranges from intense ruby to garnet.
  • Aroma: Delicate, with pleasant nuances of fruit, vanilla and violet.
  • Taste: Fresh and elegant, the rosé with a slight hint of almond, the red more austere and full-bodied.
  • Food matches: The kretzer is especially popular in summer and goes particularly well with salt cod stew, while the dark variety is better with lamb or roasted goat.
  • Serving temperature: the rosé 14 - 16 °C, the red 18 °C.


Credits: Palazzo Roccabruna - Provincial Wine Bar

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Lagrein Trentino DOC