Craft Brewery

Passion, research, study, visits, tastings, malt selections, search for hops, comparison between yeasts, water and mountain air... these are the real ingredients of the Trentino craft beer that comes from NEROBRIGANTE.

A farm, a legend, the NEROBRIGANTE that skilfully combines raw materials, transforming the energy they have accumulated in nature. The energy of the sun to grow barley and hops, the energy of water to make it rise from the surges, the energy of air and earth to give life to organisms, create a beer of character and unique taste. Popular legend has it that a particular character lived on this farm. For his clumsy and petty behavior they called him NEROBRIGANTE but today, after 200 years, the moment of his redemption has arrived!

 The NEROBRIGANTE opens the doors of the farm to all the people who want to taste a special Trentino craft beer, showing its "good", hospitable and cheerful side that brings joy and desire to party.

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