Birra del Bosco

Craft Brewery

The Birra del Bosco Craft Brewery was founded in 2013, the idea of two young entrepreneurs from Trentino, Marco Pederiva and Gabriele Tomasi. Sharing a passion for craft beer and a solid technical background, they decided to set out together on this splendid adventure.

The brewery, which is in Grumo, San Michele all’Adige, a short distance from the motorway exit, has a mashing room with three tuns with a total capacity of ten hectolitres, and a fermentation cellar, which is constantly being enlarged.
The beers, strictly non-filtered and non-pasteurised, are brewed in conformity with the Bavarian purity laws (“Reinheitsgebot”), which means they are made using only the excellent water from the Paganella mountain water table, malt, hops and yeast.
We can arrange guided tours, tastings and demonstration evenings, and the brewers themselves can show you the magic art of beer making.
We look forward to helping you explore the wonderful world of craft beer!

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