Vecchia Sorni


The Trattoria Vecchia Sorni is in a tiny village on the hill to the north of Lavis, surrounded by vineyards, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, the distant forest. The atmosphere of the Trattoria is rustic elegance, the interior tastefully designed in keeping with the simplicity of the old building. In the summer you can eat outside and enjoy the cool breeze that drifts down from the nearby Val di Cembra while breathing in the scents of the countryside and listening to the sounds of nature.

Chef Lorenzo Callegari draws on traditional regional elements while exploring new ideas and trends to present a natural cuisine with a focus on light, healthy dishes. Above all, the chef is keen to reflect the region’s abundant and excellent range of foods in his creations. Organic produce forms the essential ingredients of appetising dishes which are innovative and imaginative takes on traditional recipes. An essential aspect of this local, seasonal cuisine is the meticulous selection of each particular ingredient. It’s a painstaking method, but the time and dedication put into this work results in dishes with an enhanced, more distinctive taste.
The menu changes seasonaly and special attention is given to the selection of local wines.

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