Produttori Asparago Bianco di Zambana De.Co.

White asparagus

We are 12 agricultural entrepreneurs who in 2017 set up a Network Company with the aim of growing, processing, promoting and selling the White Asparagus of Zambana in a uniform way. Our goal is to offer top quality Asparagus, protected by the De.Co brand, and to bring a genuine product to your tables.

Our White Asparagus are grown in Zambana at the foot of the Paganella, where the Adige river and the Noce stream meet and make the area particularly suitable for this crop. Here, in fact, in the second half of the nineteenth century, reclamation works were carried out that made the area fertile and suitable for the cultivation of asparagus.

All operations are carried out without the aid of machinery, from collection, selection and packaging are entirely carried out by hand.

The White Asparagus of Zambana since 2008 is recognized with the De.Co. brand "Municipal Denomination", a certification that ensures the origin of a product particularly suitable for our territory and that is part of the history of our country.

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Produttori Asparago Bianco di Zambana De.Co.