Baked goods, ice cream parlour and bistro

From the ten-year friendship and professional collaboration of Miriam and Claudia at the GEA store in Elvio in Mezzolombardo, the awareness was born that food and its quality are the basis of our well-being, as much as our lifeblood, that is, blood, which determines a series of immune reactions and therefore the state of health.

The choice to create the MITO healty food brand, therefore, arises as a concrete response to the needs of people who choose a conscious diet, low in carbohydrates and low glycemic index.

You can then find at our bistrot-ice cream shop a range of products, sweet and savoury, developed with the right food combinations that meet even the most modern needs, such as healthy gluten-free, lactose-free and keto products and more.

The artisanal Fiordisole gelato combines an authentic Italian tradition with taste, creaminess, authenticity of flavours and the choice of raw materials. Ice cream compositions that give an explosion of pleasure, to the "cuddly" days. 

We are waiting for you from April at our gelateria-bistrot to taste in our garden, the MITO-FIORDISOLE products and other local products.

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