Filiera Ferrari

Meat and Cold Cuts

In the heart of the Piana Rotaliana, in Roverè della Luna, the story of our family begins. Guided by a passion for quality, since 1970 we have been breeding and producing veal meat. Respect for animals and the environment, combined with control and management systems, guarantee a healthy, safe, and high-quality product that meets consumers' demands for tender meat.

We only raise selected animals from farms in Trentino Alto Adige. Our farms comply with current European regulations, ensuring the most suitable environmental and health conditions for the animals and their healthy and natural growth.

We also have an in-house production in Val di Fiemme with products that characterize Trentino's butchery: speck, bacon, coppa, guanciale, sausages, carna salada, rack of lamb, cooked speck, sausages, and many selected cuts of meat. These products are also the basis for a gastronomic line consisting of ragù, goulash, tripe, and dumplings, for tasty dishes that can be prepared even at the last minute or conveniently sent to your home. All with a single secret: craftsmanship, knowledge, and passion.

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