Carni e salumi Troier


Four generations of tireless work and a competence that boasts more than a hundredyears of experience, arrived in Hermann, Guido and Cristina from great-grandfather Sebastiano through Guido and then Dario, make Troier the reference point for meat and cured meats in Trentino, a fundamental element of the Norman tradition for restaurateurs, supermarkets and domestic consumption.

Throughout the supply chain we always try to maintain a high level of sustainability for animals, who spend most of their lives grazing. 

Used for the processing and transformation of meat as well as the artisanal preparation of cured meats, the company's workshop supplies first of all its point of sale and then numerous restaurants, supermarkets, canteens and schools, which have chosen Troier quality assurance for their menus.


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Carni e salumi Troier