Trentino Trout Farmers Association

Astro - Trentino Trout Farmers Association was founded in 1986, but the first local trout farming, both in Trentino and throughout the national territory, dates back to the late 19th century. This reality breeds and packages trout and Alpine char.

It is no coincidence that Trentino boasts ideal conditions for this type of farming, with abundant water flowing from the Dolomite glaciers, free from pollutants, well-oxygenated, and with excellent chemical-physical characteristics, such as low temperatures throughout the year.

The fish are raised for almost 2 years in modern trout farms: spacious tanks, a kind of small equipped lakes, 38 hectares of water mirrors, without any forcing, respecting nutritional timings and cycles, fed with controlled natural feeds without GMOs.

From this comes the awarding of the PGI - Protected Geographical Indication - in 2012 to Trentino trout raised following a specification that precisely regulates their methods and characteristics. The 'Quality Trentino' protection mark also guarantees the origin and superior quality of these trout.


Rainbow Trout: It is certainly one of the most well-known and appreciated freshwater fish. With the Astro brand, it is available on the market in numerous variants ready to satisfy all tastes. Traditional fresh products, such as whole cleaned trout or fillets, ready to cook, such as breaded fillets, or to be consumed directly such as carpaccio, smoked and marinated fillets, meatballs, and sauce.

Arctic Char: Similar in appearance to trout, it is distinguished by its more elegant livery with a livelier coloration with numerous red spots adorning the flanks and a more slender shape. Its even more delicate taste than that of trout makes it ideal even for special occasions lunches.

Other products: Cleaned rainbow and Arctic char trout are available, as well as carpaccio, preparations such as burgers and breaded fillets, meatballs... to the delicious cold-smoked, hot-smoked, and "rustic" fillets with calibrated seasoning.

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