Facchinelli Beekeeping

Honey, pollen, propolis and beeswax

Marco, a passionate bee enthusiast, founded Apicoltura Facchinelli in the early 1990s. Subsequently, his son Dario, fascinated by these industrious insects and the dedication with which they were cared for, transformed what was initially an after-work commitment into a full-fledged company. The latest addition to the company is also his daughter Consuelo, who is responsible for our products and can be found at markets.

Today, Apicoltura Facchinelli is a family-run business dedicated to Carniolan bees, which we relocate according to the various flowerings in the mountains of Trentino. We embrace beekeeping fully by producing various types of honey and pollen from our valleys, providing pollination services in spring for apple and cherry trees, and, last but not least, producing Carniolan queen bees.

Learning from their way of life, we aim to bring a piece of our territory and a bit of sweetness to all of you. You can find us at our warehouse in Lavis, at Via G. di Vittorio 9/10, or at one of our markets scattered throughout the region.

Some key points:

  • By relocating the beehives through a practice called NOMADISM, we enrich the territory with consistent pollination in various locations in Trentino and at different times of the year, following the natural cycles of various flowerings.
  • We process HONEY in a pure and rigorous manner, using cold processing methods and avoiding the use of pumps.
  • For hive maintenance, we use water-based PAINTS, and the wood for repairs comes from Val di Cembra and Val di Fiemme, some of which is directly cut and processed by us.
  • The BEESWAX we use for our frames, also available for sale, is completely self-produced and periodically analyzed.
  • During winter FEEDING, essential for the survival of the bees in challenging environments like the mountains, we reuse a portion of the honey and pollen produced by the bees during the summer.
  • We use a typical bee species from the European Alpine region, the CARNIOLAN BEE, which adapts perfectly to the climate and territory of our mountains.
  • The availability of our products varies throughout the year, following a SEASONALITY that is not fixed.

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