The high quality we expect of Trentino’s fruit and vegetables extends also to the Piana Rotaliana Königsberg’s apples and the renowned Zambana White Asparagus. The gastronomic picture is completed by traditional local meats, preserved meat products and cheeses,  as well as by artisanal coffee, trout and wild herbs.

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Aneghe Taneghe
San Michele all'Adige
Loc. S. Antonio, 3
+39 345 7769852
Floricoltura Roncador Valentino
Via Trento, 57
+39 0461 602443
I Druper Coffee
Terre d'Adige
Via per Zambana Vecchia, 9 - Zambana Vecchia
+39 0461 1863574
La Melavispa
Loc. Torbisi, 3/1
+39 0461 241820
Molino dei Lèssi
Masi di Sorni, 5 - Sorni
+39 0461 870275
Torrefazione Caffè Adler
Via G. Chistè, 4
+39 0461 246766