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Experience the magic of the harvest period!

Discover the wineries and the distilleries during the harvest period

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Your perfect all-round wine and grappa experience in the Piana Rotaliana Königsberg, in the heart of Trentino, midway between Trento and Bolzano.

The Piana Rotaliana Königsberg’s superb wine and grappa producers will be holding open days during the grape harvest, that lively period when the grapes are gathered and the wine making begins. This is a unique, unmissable experience to learn about the secrets of grape processing, wine making and grappa production.

Take a stroll through the vineyards with an expert local winemaker and learn about the history and techniques for selecting the best grapes. Taste a few grapes or grab a pair of secateurs and a bucket and try your hand at picking grapes
Visit the wineries, where, in the scent of must and the suffused lighting, you can discover the secrets of grape processing and wine making or enjoy a guided tour in the local distilleries.

Afterwards, take part in an unconventional tasting and savour some renowned wines, sparkling wines or grappas paired with local food specialities. Alternatively, enjoy a pleasant picnic in the vineyards with zero-miles wines and food!

Choose your experience:


Zanini Luigi Winery

Visit to the vineyards and harvest experience. Due to the nature of the proposal, it is difficult to guarantee the harvesting activities until a few days prior to. 

Where: Mezzolombardo - Via Degasperi, 42
When: mid-september (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1 h 
Price: €15 adults | €10 kids
N° partecipants: min 2 | max  8
Who welcomes you: Oscar

A. Martinelli Winery

Visit to the vineyards, the factory and the historic barrel cellar with the following tour of the production area where it will be possible to taste the fermenting musts and watch the cellar activities. Tasting of wines and jams produced by the company with the possibility of staying in the outdoor relaxation area.

Where: Mezzocorona – Via del Castello, 10
When: everyday (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 0.40 h / 1.30 h 
Price: €15 adults | kids: free
N° partecipants: min 1 | max 10
Who welcomes you: Andrea or Giulio

Bellaveder Winery

Visit to the vineyard and to the winery which enjoys a unique view over the whole valley. Focus on the procedures in place typical of this period and tasting of 5 wines.

Where: Faedo (San Michele all'Adige) - Maso Belvedere, 1
When: Monday-Friday 8am-12am / 1pm-5pm, Saturday 8am-12am (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1.30 h
Price: €10 adults | kids: free
N° partecipants: min 2 | max 10
Who welcomes you: Andrea

Cesconi Winery

From grapes to wine. Taste of grapes (if available), must or new fermenting wine and wine tasting.

Where: Pressano (Lavis) - Via Marconi, 39
When: every Tuesday in September (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1.30 h 
Price: €15 adults
N° partecipants: min 2 | max 8
Who welcomes you: Daniele

de Vescovi Ulzbach Winery

Visit to the vineyard, grape picking experience, discovery of the phases of processing and transformation of the grapes into wine. Wine tasting with tastings of local gastronomic products.

Where: Mezzocorona - Piazza Garibaldi, 12
When: everyday, subject to verification of weather conditions (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1.30 h
Price: €25 adults | kids: free
N° partecipants: min 2 | max 10
Who welcomes you: Giulio

Dorigati Winery

Tasting of the fermenting musts of the new harvest to understand the meaning of alcoholic fermentation and feel the differences between the different varieties. Discover the vintage seen from the perspective of the cellar. Visit to the fermentation rooms dating back to the 19th century, where our family company was founded in 1858.

Where: Mezzocorona - Via Dante, 5
When: September, depending on daily availability (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1 h 
Price: €15 adults | kids: free
N° partecipants: min 2 | max 15
Who welcomes you: Paolo

Endrizzi Winery

Welcome drink with our Trentodoc, presentation of the winery and visit among the rows with focus on the harvest. Final tasting in the wine shop.

Where: San Michele all’Adige – Località Masetto, 2
When: Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday at 3.00pm (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1.30 h
Price: €10 adults | kids: free
N° partecipants: min 2 | max 15
Who welcomes you: Andrea

Foradori Winery

A guided tour at the heart of the estate in Mezzolombardo,  where you will learn about our history and our experience in biodynamic farming. We will visit the vineyards, the vegetable garden and our two cellars with a particular focus on amphorae. We will taste 3 wines together with the cheeses produced from the raw milk of our "Grigio Alpine" cows.

Where: Mezzolombardo – Via D. Chiesa, 1
When: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm | Saturday 10am-4pm (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 2 h 
Price: €20 adults | kids: free
N° partecipants: min 1 | max 10
Who welcomes you: Maya

Klinger Winery

The experience includes an excursion on foot on the hill of Pressano passing through the paths of the ancient mines "Busi Canopi", a visit to the centenary vineyard of Nosiola along a panoramic road. The walk continues in the vineyards until the return to the cellar with a view over the Piana Rotaliana. You will be able to observe different grape varieties close to the harvest, being able to appreciate the bunches by tasting them. After an hour and a half of walking you can enter the small cellar dug into the rock and taste the wines of the company (conditions permitting you can taste the wines directly in the vineyard with a view over the entire Adige valley).

Where: Pressano (Lavis) - Via Clinga, 16
When: Sunday 30th August | Sunday 6th September (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1.30 h / 1.45 h 
Price: €15 adulti |kids: free
N° partecipants: min 4 | max 6
Who welcomes you: Umberto

La-Vis e Valle di Cembra Winery

Visit to the vineyards and to the winery with a final tasting in the wine shop.

Where: Lavis - Via del Carmine, 7
When: Monday-Saturday, 9am-7pm (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 2 h 
Price: €10 adults | kids: free
N° partecipants: min 4 | max 8
Who welcomes you: Rosario

Maso Grener Winery

Give yourself a moment in total contact with nature: come and visit us at Maso Grener, collect your basket and, after walking through the vineyards, take a seat in the place you like and enjoy the local products. The basket is equipped with napkins, compostable plates and cutlery, glass glasses. In the basket you will find: bread, typical cold cuts from local producers, various cheeses paired with Trentino honey, seasonal fruit, fruit juices for children, 1 liter of water (every 2 people) and a bottle of wine (0.75l ).

Where: Pressano (Lavis) - Masi di Pressano, 21 
When: Sunday 6th September, 11am-4pm (booking compulsory by 2 September)
Duration: about 2 h
Price: €15 adults | €10 kids
N° partecipants: min 4 | max 20
Who welcomes you: Sonia

Maso Poli Winery

"Costa Erta" tour with walk in the vineyard, visit to the cellar and tasting of 3 products with a typical Trentino cold dish. There is also the possibility of just having an aperitif on the terrace, for which the reservation is not necessary.

Where:  Pressano (Lavis) - Strada del Vino, 33
When: Thursday-Saturday, 4pm-8pm (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1 h
Price: €15 adults | kids: free
N° partecipants: min 2 | max 10
Who welcomes you: Valentina

Pojer e Sandri Winery and Distillery

Guided tour of an innovative company that produces wine, spirits and vinegars.

Where: Faedo (San Michele all'Adige) - Via Molini, 4
When: Monday 28th September, 3pm (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 2 h
Price: €10 adults | kids: free
N° partecipants: min 1 | max 10
Who welcomes you: Mario or Marianna

Rotari-Mezzacorona Winery

Discover all the secrets of the harvest from the conferment of our members to the history of a bottle of Trentodoc up to the tasting in the scenic historic cellar. A path in a fascinating architectural context perfectly inserted in the territory of the Piana Rotaliana.

Where: Mezzocorona - Via Tonale, 110
When: Monday-Saturday, 8am-6pm (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1.30 h 
Price: €10 adults | kids: free
N° partecipants: min 1 | max 12
Who welcomes you: Elena

Zeni Roberto Winery and Distillery

Visit to the cellar with particular attention to the transformation of the grapes and the distillation process with final tasting of three wines and a distillate.

Where: Grumo (San Michele all'Adige) - Via Stretta, 2
When: Tuesday 15th September (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1 h
Price: €10 adults | kids: free
N° partecipants: min 2 | max 8
Who welcomes you: Veronica

Bertagnolli Distillery

Welcome in the company and visit to the first historical alembic owned by the Bertagnolli family, dating back to the 19TH century. Visit to the artisanal alembics - brainchild of the Bertagnolli family, heart of the distillery, where selected pomace give life to certified quality grappa with a unique and authentic character as the territory to which they belong. Visit to the barricaia (underground barrel cellar), where the aging process of the grappa takes place in fine French oak barrels, waiting to become Grand Reserve. The barrel cellar, located in the basement of the distillery, will host the tasting of the most historic and iconic grappa of Distilleria Bertagnolli, produced since 1870: Grappino® Bertagnolli.

Where: Mezzocorona - Via del Teroldego, 11/13
When: Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1 h
Price: 5€ adults | kids: free 
N° partecipants: min 2 | max 10
Who welcomes you: Anna

Villa de Varda Distillery

Guided tour of the distillery, the aging cellar and the "Cose di casa" Museum, with a final tasting of 5 grappas and distillates. In this period, depending on the day, the distillation could be ongoing or not. The visit and the description of the process will be complete anyway.

Where: Mezzolombardo - Via Rotaliana, 27A
When: Monday-Saturday, 8am-11am and 1.30pm-4.30pm (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1 h 
Price: 10€ adults | kids: free 
N° partecipants: min 1 | max 20
Who welcomes you: Maria or Mauro

Donati Marco

Visit to the historic vineyard of Teroldego, explanation of the company, the harvest and the legend of the Dragon's Blood. Grapes tasting. Tasting of 4 representative wines of the company.

Where: Mezzocorona - Via C. Battisti, 41
When: date to be determined (booking compulsory)
Duration: about 1.30 h
Price: 10€ adults | kids: free
N° partecipants: min 10 | max 40
Who welcomes you: Elisabetta

Other wine activities close to Piana Rotaliana Königsberg

Cembrani DOC - Valle di Cembra

After a short trek through the terraced vineyards of the Val di Cembra, we will reach the field for the manual harvest. After a moment of activity, we will spread the blankets for a picnic under the vineyard with km0 products and a tasting of Müller Thurgau or apple juice for the little ones.

Wineries and distilleries: Alfio Nicolodi, Cembra Cantina di Montagna, Simoni Michele, Villa Corniole, Zanotelli, Distilleria Paolazzi e Distilleria Pilzer
Where: Valle di Cembra
When: everyday in September (online booking compulsory)
Duration: about 2 h
Price: 18€ adults | 9€ kids
N° partecipants: min 2 | max 6


Booking required

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Useful Info

- Period: nature decides! The activities are available approximately from mid-August to mid-October
- Suitable for: adults, children and groups
- Clothing: it is therefore advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes

All the experiences and activities proposed by the wineries and the distilleries of the Piana Rotaliana Königsberg are carried out in total safety and in full compliance with the current anti-Covid legislation.

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