Faedo, village of nativity scenes

Trentino’s largest nativity scene with life-size figures

Faedo is home to Trentino’s largest nativity scene

Step into the past in the old town centre, with its vaulted ceilings, narrow streets, cellars and arcades, a magical setting for eighty life-size statues depicting the daily activities of a farming community in days gone by. This unique experience will draw you into the magic of Christmas and introduce you to the typical features of a small village of timeless fascination. This year, as well as the various nativity scenes, you will find a craft market and the “Mercatino della Stella” Christmas market held in old barns and cellars - an atmosphere to explore and cherish.

Canta della Stella (Songs of the Star)

5th January
A picturesque local re-enactment. A long procession of players, shepherds and animals follow the Three Kings, singing traditional Christmas songs and stopping at every nativity scene along the way.


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