La Rocchetta Biotope

Path of high naturalistic value along the Noce stream

The Biotope La Rocchetta is a fluvial and peripheral environment that affects the terminal section of the Torrente Noce: it is located in the lower portion of the Valle di Non, immediately upstream of the bottleneck of the Rocchetta, which the Noce stream passes before flowing into the Rotaliana Plain.

Educational path "Le Acque Ritrovate"

The educational path begins near the railway station of Crescino and provides an easy loop path partly suspended on stilts and walkways that allows you to enter the typical forest of willows and alder trees that grows along the river. Along the way there are observation points and information tables that help you discover all the peculiarities of the area.

If you keep your eyes open and do not make too much noise it is not difficult to see one of the many animal species that find their ideal habitat here (including amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, fish). 

Type: River environment, Reparial forest

Main reasons for naturalistic interest: riparian vegetation; aquatic avifauna; ichthyofauna

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La Rocchetta Biotope